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Projects & Research



Newsmatrix is a news aggregator application, which is built on the Hungarian contents of the Ringier AG.



Indageo is an image based geotagging service which lets people share their experiences through an extremely simple and fast interaction chain.



BlueSpot is a free communication system that connects nearly 50 geographical locations in Budapest into a network. In BlueSpot, users can send messages to localities instead of people. Messages get received by anyone nearby. Our aim is to involve local communities in the discussion.


ICDB (Integrated Customer DB)

The interaction redesign of the Hungarian Telecom’s CRM system used by its nearly 8.000 customer servcice employees and its millions of customers. During the project we have thoroughly analyzed the communication process between the company and its customers.


Emergent City Action Group

It was a one year long research programme and workshop series between 2006 and 2007. The Action Group was studying how urban life is organised, how urban space is used, and was searching for technological solutions that could make urban life and communication more vivid and exciting.


Heart of Budapest

Global Splits is able to reveal the surface of the loci, so that another country’s visual interface can flow and penetrate into the viewer‘s urban landscape.


Mobile expressions

Prototypes for expressive interfaces for public use of mobile phones. As these phones function as part of our personal expressions today, why not develop an interaction language which can be spectacular as well?


Molecula designer tool

The software used at Richter Co. ensures a 3-dimension work-environment for molecule designers. The purpose of our project was to design a User Interface for the software of the system.


NDA - Social search

The purpose of NDA (National Digital Repository) is to digitalize, organize and make Hungarian cultural contents, the contents of public and private collections available for the public.


Installation taxonomy

We defined the taxonomic space of the installations of the House of Future exhibitions based on network-visualization. The visualization defined stronger and weaker connections between the installations with the help of key-words attached to them by the designers.


Avenue of cars

Proposal to create a giant conveyor belt to replace the highly overloaded motorways alongside the Danube in Budapest. A traffic jam is a pseudo-social space, people are close to each other and are forced to spend time together.


András Kangyal

photo of Andras

Andras graduated from the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts as a graphic artist in 1995.
Between 1995 and 2005 he was co-founder of Frutta Elettronica creative studio and in 2005 he founded Nextlab media art group with four of his friends.

Since then he has worked on everything from graphic design of user interfaces to working out concepts as an interaction designer on over a hundred online and standalone software applications.

His fields of interest include social and cultural aspects of human-computer interactions, the cooperation of the internet and mobile devices with users, and the visual consequences of all these issues. He is making use of his expertise through re-interpreting the currently used interaction forms and situations, as well as working out concepts and adapting them to the business environment.




2010 ▪ Chief Innovation Officer at Biobi

2009 ▪ Senior design coordinator at Kitchen Budapest

2008 ▪ Senior consulting partner at Guanxi

2007 ▪ Member of the accreditation syndicate at
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest. He worked on syllabus of the startup Media Design department

2005-‘07 ▪ Associated researcher at the Technology University in Budapest.

2005 ▪ Co-founder of Nextlab media art group.

2002-‘05 ▪ Co-editor and ancorman of the Magas-les show at Tilos Rádio

1997-‘05 ▪ Creative Director and co-founder of Frutta Elettronica Ltd.


My network consists of:
Gábor Csányi, Adam Somlai-Fischer, László Laufer, Áron Mezei, István Ráth, Balázs Serényi, Barbara Sterk, Péter Szakál, Tamás Szakál, Tamás Terray, Attila Wind, …